"David and Pauline made what is always an awful experience a lot easier to deal with due to the kind, considerate and exceptionally caring way in which they helped us today after losing Rizo, one of our beloved chihuahuas.  On meeting David it was clear from his initial response that he cares deeply about the service they provide for people who have lost their pets and for the owners feelings too.  We received Rizo's ashes within hours in the special casket and David and Pauline had also included a lovely sympathy card which touched us both.  Sorry for the ramble but our pets are family members and Rizo will be missed." - Mark McKever 

"I can not recommend this wonderful couple and their services enough. At such a sad time, they offered a truly compassionate, considerate and personal service. So pleased they were able to get Barnies ashes back home for Christmas. We can't thank them enough. They really did go that extra mile." - Julie Bulmer 

"At a really awful time we found David and Pauline, thank goodness. They are so genuine and caring, and in this business for the right reasons. Would certainly recommend them 100%. Thank you both so much xx" -  Layna Marshall
"We would like to thank David and Pauline for their kindness and compassion after the devastating loss of our beloved Billy. As dog lovers themselves they could totally understand our feelings and sense of loss - The personal service they offered and the help they gave us at this most distressing time has been invaluable and the fact my little Billy bear was back home with me the next morning has been extremely helpful and given me comfort knowing he is back home where he belongs. I can't thank you enough David and Pauline xx" - Karen Riley
"I am absolutely beside myself at the service me & my family have received from Pauline & david.
their home & garden has become a special place for me as both my beloved cat bailey of 14 years & dog roxy of nearly 14 years too!was both in peace there within weeks of each other! and went to rainbow bridge with love & dignity care & respect with two of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!  I would highly recommend them for a personal loving service for our furry friends, any way you want the service they are happy to provide .they even picked roxy up from the vets while I was on my way home from holiday when with a heavy heart I had to give permission to our vet over the phone to put our beloved roxy dog and friend of 14 years asleep after a stroke . They provide a service much needed on a personal basis away from the hustle & bustle of the commercial side of a pet business.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx il keep in touch" - lisa mcculloch
"We can't thank David and Pauline enough, such a wonderful place so caring and sensitive you made the last few moments with fat cat so easy natural and special, you are truly special people we honestly can't thankyou enough xx" Louise Smith

"A great big thank you for your kindness and under standing for my loss of Mr Darcey your quick response to my call was much appreciated and your professional and caring manor was a great support at this time.Thank you very much" - Roza

"David and Pauline are lovely, kind people who helped us through a heartbreaking time. Thanks for everything you did for Finley." - Ross Walker
"Thank you so much Pauline and David for looking after my lovely girl Polo. You are very caring , lovely and even got emotional with us. Couldn't have wished for a better place for polo to be at rest. You put us all at ease with your caring nature.  So happy we have polo home now thanks again xx" - Belinda Herbert
"Absolutely lovely service would highly recommend and such lovely kind and caring people thanks for all you've done for our buster" -  Gemma Louise Smith
"Wonderful couple, thank you so much for helping kc" - Lynne Baldwin
"Thank you Pauline & David your compassion and understanding at our sad time was overwhelming." - Shaun Herbert
"Thank you so much for your help, support, care & love this evening. It means so much to us. xxx" - Dawn Thompson