Although Q (on the right) became physically weak towards the end of her life, she was still the boss. Seven and Kessy always respected and accepted her leadership.


This was one of Q's favourite places.

Zed & Q up to something

Zed (on the left) had cancer of the spleen. We received the news on New Year's Day 2016. He was in his 13th year when he died. Q (on the right) was in her fourteenth year when she died just before christmas 2017

Prince sunbathing

Prince died of cancer. He was only in his ninth year.

Our Teddy

Zed when he was a puppy

Our Handsome Prince

"September Prince"

Junior Zed affectionately called Teddy

Our handsome Zed

Megan, Prince, & Amber

Amber (on the right) was euthanized when she was in her 16th year.

Elarco Moonshine Pastel Painting

A pastel of a champion "Elarco Moonshine" painted by Pauline

A few photos
in loving memory of our absent friends ...