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We are David and Pauline Aris

of Mirfield Pet Crematorium

It is always heart-breaking to suffer the death of a beloved pet - they are part of the family.  As anyone who has loved and lost their pet will know, the emptiness left behind and the grief that follows is extremely hard to come to terms with.  As animal lovers and pet owners, we understand your need to give your pet a well-deserved send off.

Pet cremation services in Mirfield

We carry out individual pet

cremations by appointment only



Pet cremation services in Mirfield

After the cremation of your pet, your pet's ashes will be contained in a free scatter tube, made from very robust biodegradable cardboard, decorated with a choice of pretty designs, unless you prefer something different.  We can supply a wide range of urns, caskets, pouches, etc., all at very fair prices.  We  can also supply engraved plaques.  The wishes of all our customers are always respected, and we understand everyone is different, with different needs.

It is never easy losing a member of your family, and we completely understand how you are feeling.  The end of your pet's life is the end of the happiness and companionship you shared together. Happy memories can bring so much comfort at this sad time.
Pet cremation services in Mirfield

As soon as the cremation process is complete, you can receive your pet's ashes during our opening times - usually within 24 hours.


You can either arrange to bring your pet to us, or we can collect, from your vets, free of charge within a 10 mile radius of our location - whichever suits you best.


Your pet will be cremated on its own so you can be sure the ashes you receive are your pet's only.  We only offer individual pet cremations, and never cremate more than one pet in our pet cremator at any time.


We keep a full record of EVERY pet cremation service we carry out.  All details, including dates and times, are logged during the pet cremation process.  We are always happy to show you our records for your own peace of mind.  Every pet cremation we carry out is individual, and has its own unique number.


When you receive your pet's ashes, you will also receive a signed, numbered, and dated certificate of cremation, confirming that your pet was individually cremated.

Pet cremation services in Mirfield
We have been pet owners for decades and know too well how hard it is to lose them - our best friends.
After losing our beloved German Shepherd dog, Zed, to cancer, we wanted to have Zed cremated individually so that we knew the ashes returned to us were those of our loyal friend.  It was this experience, and the lack of this type of service in our locality which persuaded us to provide local facilities here in Mirfield.
Ours is a very small, friendly, and totally independent partnership offering a sympathetic pet cremation service.  Every single cremation is conducted and controlled by David and/or Pauline personally.  We do not employ personnel to cremate any pet on our behalf.  Our pet cremator is only ever used to cremate pets.  We believe in both the physical and spiritual sanctity of each animal and have the utmost respect for each pet's remains in death.
"Integrity is how you behave when nobody is looking", is a saying which we totally believe in, and we conduct ourselves according to our beliefs.  Our ethical values are second to none.  We are 100% transparent in everything we do.  We keep a full record of every cremation we carry out, which includes the Pet's name and cremation number; the date and times each cremation started and finished; the total cremation time after cooling; the level of fuel left in our tank; and the weight of each pet's ashes.  We keep full records of the fuel and caskets we purchase and use or sell.  Our sales invoice numbers tie in with each cremation number we issue.  We give what we would expect for our own pets.  It makes no difference whether you pay us cash or by card - everything is fully accounted for.  When we collect pets from the vets we keep a copy of the legally required documents for trace-ability.  DEFRA demand we keep a record of every tenth "burn" (cremation), but we provide DEFRA with the details of every single cremation we carry out.  We hope this helps to give all our customers the reassurance they deserve at one of the worst times in life.

Where to find us

Pet cremation services in Mirfield

Mirfield Pet Crematorium

191 Huddersfield Road



WF14 9DQ

West Yorkshire​


Normal hours of opening:

7:00am to 7:00pm Weekdays

8:00am to 4:00pm Saturdays


We are about 3 minutes walking distance from Calder Vets (Mirfield)
To speak to David or Pauline phone 01924 497035

We are open 8:00am to 4:00pm on all bank holidays other than Christmas & New Year
We are closed 25 & 26 Dec 2022 
We are closed on 1 & 2 Jan 2023

We offer a Sympathetic Individual Pet Cremation Service